Jacob Graham is a puppeteer living in New York City. He began his career with the Walt Disney Company, where he worked with traditional hand puppets and mechanical puppets for nine years. He's also performed at the Puppeteers of America Festival, the Orlando Puppet Festival, the Orlando Fringe Festival (as part of the IBEX Puppetry showcase), and various Puppet Slams along the east coast. He served on the board of directors for Pinocchio's Marionette Theater from 2008 until 2012.

Graham is also involved in experiments concerning time travel, in the vein of artists David McDermott & Peter McGough, intent on capturing the textures, movements and magic of puppets in a tangible medium. Using exclusively old cathode ray tube video cameras and period-appropriate recording methods, Graham has recreated a 1970's television studio in his apartment with an adjoining music studio for scoring and sound effects.

Graham is currently developing a new series, The Creatures of Yes, a show about a ragtag group of friends trying-and sometimes failing-to make sense of the world around them. A collaboration with some of New York's most exciting emerging comedy writers, the show delivers (with more than a few laughs) a universal message about appreciating one another's differences. It makes its debut in early 2016.